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        - Buy, sell, & transfer firearms to include National Firearms Act (NFA) items, aka Class 3
        - Title II (NFA) including firearm silencers
(aka sound suppressors, mufflers, cans)

        - Title I (sporting) bolt action, semi-auto and break-action rifles and pistols

        - Contact us for muzzle threading and custom firearm work

Firearm silencers from:

 Dead Air, Gemtech, GriffinLiberty, Mack Brothers, RuggedRuger,

SilencerCo (yes, finally, the Maxim9)- southern Arizona's SPEQ (LE/mil/fire&EMS) Dealer,

Silencer Tech, Tactical Solutions, Thunder Beast Arms Corp (TBAC) and Xcaliber

Threaded barrels from Bar-Sto, SilencerCo, Storm Lake, and XCaliber

Thread adapters and 3-lug mounts from TROS and

KRG chassis; LongRiflesInc. (LRI) builds; Barrels from

Rimfire pistols, rifles and mods from:

Ruger, Tactical Solutions, Majestic Arms, TANDEMKROSS

Ammo (Super and subsonic) from: CCI, HSM, Federal, Fiocchiand others

>>> .22lr CCI Mini-Mag, Standard Velocity, AR Tactical, Subsonic <<<

>>> .22lr Federal Gold Medal UM22, 922A, 710 Game Shock <<<

>>> .22lr Winchester M-22 Subsonic <<<

 Hearing protection Em's 4 kids for kids and babies

Vehicle security solutions from Tuffy Security Products‚Äč

Also available - Various 1/2in and 3/8in steel AR500 targets for your ringing pleasure

Gun trust options information from or SV-based

Silicone Oil (350 cst pure) for rimfire silencer gut treatment(see bottom of How-to & info page) 

The local area - outside in the Huachuca Mountains


- Firearms silencers, suppressors, subsonic ammo in Hereford, Sierra Vista, Cochise County & surrounding southern Arizona

Hereford, Arizona

Southern Arizona Firearms Dealer

FFL & SOT class 3 (specializing in silencers)

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