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Hearing protection is not just for firearms.  We stock kid and baby earmuff hearing protection. We use Em's 4 Kids bubs on our kids around the house while using the vacuum, and outside when exposed random loudness - shooting, motocross, jet engine testing sort of stuff.

Hereford, Arizona

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Silencers are legal!  And owning National Firearms Act (NFA) items is not a mystery, and it's not the secret world of only a few insiders.  If you can pass a NICS to purchase a standard firearm, chances are good that you can own a silencer.  NFA ownership is growing rapidly.  Educate yourself and lets compare notes.  Weapon type, purpose and price-point will likely drive your purchase decisions.  When you are ready to discuss your ideas, shoot me an email at or


I am fond of smaller caliber "Hollywood quiet" suppression but certainly enjoy larger bores as well.  Pistol to rifle, .22lr micro-can to a stout .338LM suppressor, I likely have it in stock.  If not, lets get it ordered!

41F Ruling is in effect as of 13 July 2016.  The ATF's website has info and the new Form 4 and Form 23.  See our 41F Information page for more.


Quiet Time Sports is a veteran-owned, LE/military supporting, small business.  The staff has extensive experience in military, medical and scientific research fields, endurance sports, SAR, survival, backpacking, archery, hunting, game prep, cooking and kids.  We support developing young minds.  Teach kids to observe, question and predict the "what" and "why" of our world.  Get kids outside, involved and interested in the natural wonders of everyday life.  Teach them young!


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