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Thank you for contacting me.  To get the NFA Form 4 application going, I need name (and any aliases or other names used), address, tele and email for you, and if a trust, any other Responsible Persons or Trustee.  If you are using a trust, we will need to send the ATF a notarized copy of the trust with the Form 4 application but for now, I just need the name and address of the trust for the application paperwork.  The name is your choice but I suggest a shorter rather than longer name.  The address is likely your address.  We can talk trust questions if you have any.  There are many trust options, from free to $thousands.

Once you decide on a silencer, I will send an invoice with both cash and less cash discount totals.  If you are not experienced with prior NFA items, the Form 4 application process is not as complex as it might seem at first.  Just below is what we need to include in the ATF application packet:

- Form 4 - Application for Tax Paid Transfer and Registration of Firearm (each serial numbered item needs a F4)
- Form 23 - National Firearms Act (NFA) Responsible Person Questionnaire (each RP or Trustee needs a F23)
- 1x complete copy of your notarized trust per serial numbered item
- 1x passport photo per RP
- 2x FD-258 (blue lines) Fingerprint Cards per RP (cards should have ORI: WVATF0800, ATF-NATL TRA CTR, MARTINSBURG, WV)
- NFA tax payment of $200 per serial numbered item

When we agree that the invoice is accurate, I ask that you pay me for the silencer as well as a separate $200 payment to me for the NFA tax.  I will then email you the Form 4 and Form 23 via DocuSign for your electronic signature.

By following the DocuSign instructions, you will find your ATF Form 4 packet (Form 4 Application for Transfer and Form 23 Responsible Person Questionnaire) for signing.  Be sure to e-sign with your actual signature.  The ATF is now enforcing that computer generated fonts are not acceptable as electronic signatures.  Unacceptable computer fonts include script or cursive computer generated fonts.  Your electronic signature must be your uniquely drawn signature.  I have found two good methods to get your actual signature into DocuSign.  From, upload a photo of your actual signature to use as your DocuSign electronic signature.  For the best results, sign your name in a very large (about 1in high letters) on a clean, white sheet of paper, and snap a photo to upload.  Or, from a smart phone, the DocuSign app enables you to input your signature from your touchscreen.  I have found the DocuSign app to be straight forward and easy.  You can also use the "draw" signature function on, but it is difficult using a mouse or touchpad to recreate a decent signature.  The bottom line is that the forms need an e-signature that matches your actual ID card signature.

Next, I will print the signed forms for the packet.  We can meet or you can snail mail a copy of your complete trust, your two completed fingerprint cards and your passport photo.  I will assemble the complete application packet and mail it to the ATF.  Once they process the $200 payment, your application will go into an ATF “pending” status.  At some point in the pending period, the ATF sends the Form 23 to the FBI for their background check.  The FBI then notifies the ATF that the BGC is complete and your packet is assigned to an ATF examiner to complete the record in the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record.  You can call the ATF for a status check (304) 616-4500 during the wait.  The info that they give is generally limited.  They will tell you either received, pending (once the $200 payment is process- usually a couple days to weeks after received), or an approved status. If you call, they will ask for your serial number, your trust name, and your dealer - Quiet Time Sports.

Once your Form 4 is approved, the ATF will then snail mail me the approved Form 4.  At that point, I will contact you to transfer the silencer upon completing an ATF 4473 - Firearms Transaction Record.  You will then be able to shoot and grin.  We will then repeat the process over and over until everything in your safe shoots more quietly.

For payment, Zelle bank transfer is my preferred payment method.  If you have not used Zelle, it is a bank to bank fee-less transfer.  Most US banks or credit unions offer Zelle on their online banking website or from their smartphone mobile app.  If you use Zelle, please use as the recipient. Otherwise, cash, check, or MO is ok.  If you would like to use a credit card, you lose the ~3% cash discount, and I will email you a payable invoice.  Let me know what works for you, and please make the $200 tax a separate payment.

Finally, if you need fingerprint cards, I have blanks.  We can meet or I can snail mail them to you.  I always suggest that folks get a couple extra sets done if using the SV PD.  At $5 a visit, it’s a bargain and time efficient to have extras on hand for your future silencers.

Let me know if you have questions or something is not clear.