Gemtech Quicksand .30 QD

Mack Brothers MB556FAS, MB556FAL & MB762L

SilencerCo Omega, Harvester .30 & .338, Chimera 300

   SPEQ Omega, Harvester .30, .338, Saker ASR 556

TBAC Thunder Beast Arms Corp 

      223A- Full Auto & SBR rated

     .223 - Ultra 7CB, 223A

     6.5mm - Ultra 9CB, Ultra 7CB

     .30cal - Ultra 9CB, Ultra 5CB

Xcaliber Mountaineer Ti .30cal


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Thread protectors and adapters
Pistons, Endcaps, Fixed barrel adapters
Muzzle brakes, Flash hiders & Timing Shims

​Bore-suppressor alignment guide rods

​(Free alignment checks on .22, .223, 5.56mm, .243, 6mm, .264, 6.5mm, .30, 7.62mm, .338 & 9mm)

                        Accessories and tools from stocked Manufacturers: 

Threaded barrels:

Bar-sto - Beretta M9 or 92

SilencerCo - Glock 17,19, 43

SilencerCo - S&W M&P 9, 45, 9mm Shield

Sig Sauer - P938

Storm Lake - 1911, S&W M&P9

Xcaliber - Beretta Bobcat 21A, Glock 43

- Firearms silencers, suppressors, subsonic ammo in Hereford, Sierra Vista and surrounding Cochise County Arizona

                Centerfire Pistol: 

Rugged Obsidian 45

SilencerCo Maxim 9

SilencerCo Octane 45K, Omega 9K,


    SPEQ Octane45, Omega 9KOsprey9,                        Osprey45, Hybrid

Xcaliber Seafire 9 & 45

YHM Cobra M2 9 & 45, Wraith XL 9mm

integrally suppressed 9mm pistol

Ammo On-Hand: 

>>> Large inventory of .22lr <<<

.260Rem, .308Win, 9mm, .45ACP

-->  What does a silencer sound like?  <--

We have several demo silencers for your hearing pleasure:

Various SilencerCo silencers - ask what is available for demo

Silencer Tech 10/22 Take Down Integral .22

Xcaliber Genesis .22, Seafire 9 & Mountaineer Ti 30cal

Integral suppressed Ruger Mark III pistol

***** others upon request if available *****

On Hand Inventory Below

On Hand:


Xcaliber SS1C

On Hand Inventory Below


N.F.A. AR-9 (Glock mag) Side-

 charge, LRBHO, 4in & 8in 9mm

 SBR w/ telescoping stocks by

 MVB ARC-X or Maxim Defense

N.F.A. AR-15 w/Side-charge

and Short Barrel Rifles (SBR) and SilencerCo Radius Rangefinders      As of June 19, 2018

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We work by appointment only.  Please email or call so that we can dedicate the time to you and your needs.

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