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Trust instructions on how to make a purchase from Quiet Time Sports:

Once you decide on a silencer, and we work out payment, I will ask you for information required to complete the Form 4 and Form 23.  I will then draft the Form 4 (per item serial number) and Form 23(s) (per each Responsible Person).  Required Form 4 info includes, name and address of the trust and full names of all RPs. If a trust, Form 4 page two #13-17 is left blank.  Required Form 23 info includes RP's home address, tele, email, and other names used (ex. maiden name). 

Each RP will have to complete Form 23 page two questions, and provide two completed FD-258 fingerprint cards and one passport photo.  I can provide the FD-258 ATF NFA approved fingerprint cards – just let me know and we can meet.

One of us will print the forms.  They must be printed double-sided. To print the Form 4 packet double-sided using a duplex printer, select print, under “Pages to print” click “pages”, and insert “1-6, 7-9, 10-12”, then select “print on both sides of paper”, and “flip on long edge”, then click print.

Together we will review the Form 4 and Form 23(s) for accuracy of information either in person or via email. Pages 1, 7 and 10 of the Form 4 packet requires my signature, and pages 2, 8 and 11 require an RP’s signature.  On the Form 23 packet(s), pages 2 and 4 require the respective RP’s signature.

We can meet to ensure the packets are complete and accurate.  If we agreed that I am sending the forms to the ATF and CLEO, I will prepare a USPS Priority envelope for the mail.  When we are Form 4-application-complete, the packets will contain:

To mail to ATF:
- Original-signed (by me and an RP) Form 4 ATF copy 1 (p. 1-6) and copy 2 (p.7-9)
- Original-signed (by respective RP) Form 23 packet per each RP (1x photo attached and 2x fingerprints FD-258) (p. 1-2)
- A copy of your complete notarized trust or LLC’s articles of incorporation
- $200 transfer tax

To mail to CLEO:
- Original-signed (by me and an RP) Form 4 CLEO copy (p. 10-12)

- Original-signed Form 23 CLEO copy (p. 3-4)